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July 05 2016 0Kommentar

Just in time

Every 45 minutes Hövelmann + Böckenholt had to deliver one of 87 modules to a construction site. A special challenge. The modules were over 17,mm long and made the project to a major effort. At the end the pupils were happy about their new school building and we delivered everything on point.

June 28 2016 0Kommentar

With swiss precision to Norderney

At the begin of 2016 Hövelmann + Böckenholt had an extraordinary task. From a clinic based in Norderney a new and valueable building made of wood was transported to Switzerland. Stored at our heavy cargo warehouse the 40 modules had the dimensions of 6,50 x 3,00 x 3,40 meters. the modules were completely enlarged inside […]

June 28 2016 0Kommentar

Teamwork for a waterwork

Several month of track examination, meetings and common preparations were required to transport the four water tanks on time to the waterwork in Wanlo, Germany. Hövelmann + Böckenholt were responsible for the whole logistics of this heavy cargo transport. For the last stage to the waterwork several clearways were build, 300 meters of steel panels enrolled […]

February 04 2016 0Kommentar

A water tank for Frankfurt

In December 2015 the specialists of Hövelmann + Böckenholt organized a transportation for a water tank to Frankfurt. With the dimensions of 24,00 x 6,90 x 4,50 m and a payload of 85,0 tons the tanks were too heavy to transport on the road. Everything was loaded onto a inland waterway craft in Spelle and unloaded […]

October 16 2015 0Kommentar

Cat Dozer D 11 T for a cement plant

In October 2015 the R. Böckenholt Transport GmbH transported a Dozer D11 T from Achim to a cement plant in the close area of Hannover. The D11 T has a charge weight of 105 tons and is one of the biggest chaindozers used in Germany. The R. Böckenholt Transport GmbH is specialized for construction machine […]

January 26 2015 0Kommentar

Empties in XXL

After shipping the filled Spooling last year to a construction site in Raesfeld we had of course bring the empty Spooling back to the Cable manufacturer in Belgium. Empties in XXL format? It exists – be sure to check out the Photo.  

September 25 2014 0Kommentar

200 tons in Marseille

An over 200 tons of weight chassis was the heaviest cargo moved in the last 40 years history of Hövelmann + Böckenholt. A customer hired us to plan and transport his good to Marseille, France. Quality “Made by Hövelmann + Böckenholt” is in great demand europe-wide.

September 16 2014 0Kommentar

With 4,40 m in diameter through Belgium and Germany

For a new electricity link Hövelmann + Böckenholt transported several cable drums from Belgium in to our Warehouse in Hünxe. Thus every drum has a diameter of 4,40m and 50 tons of weight a dug bridge was the only solution for this transportation. The storage and delivery to the construction site was in the hands […]

April 30 2013 0Kommentar

Breaking ground!

Finally it’s done! The groundbreaking for the new heavy cargo warehouse was done on 30th April 2014 in Hünxe, Germany. After two years of planning Hövelmann + Böckenholt established the new 9.000 sqm heavy cargo warehouse in the industrial park of Hünxe – Buchholtwelmen. 100 tons crane capacity and ca. 20.000 sqm outdoor storage area […]

March 07 2013 0Kommentar

With 4,70 m height into the swedish frost

The maiden trip of our kettle dug in february 2013 was tough. With a total height of 4,70 m the trip started with a transformer from the customers location Sauerland to Sweden. Two month of preparation time was needed to get the giant on its journey. Several track examinations were taken, a suitable ferry was chosen to start […]