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Would you like to use our heavy cargo warehousing service?

Heavy duty logistic at its best

Since 2014, Hövelmann & Böckenholt owns a logistic area for heavy cargo, featuring 9,000 sqm of warehousing capacity, 20,000 sqm outdoor storage area and a crane which can bear a capacity of up to 100 t are at your disposition. The venue, Hünxe-Bucholtwelmen is close to the highway A3 (approx. 3 km). Furthermore, trans-shipments centres to the river Rhine or Wesel-Datteln-Channel are close by. We can reload cargo beyond 100 t on request. Latest equipment, fork lifters and highly qualified personnel is at your disposition. Our modern heavy cargo warehouse features door sizes of 10×8 m.

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Heavy Cargo Warehousing Services

9.000 qm capacity

9,000 sqm of warehousing capacity
5,000 sqm featuring a crane capacity of 50 tons.
4,000 sqm featuring a crane capacity of 100 tons.
Load bearing capacity: 40 t/sqm
Crane limit: 12 m
AEO-certified warehouse

20.000 qm outdoor storage

20,000 sqm outdoor storage area
Completely secured and video surveilled area.

Warehouse Facts

Sufficient space for heavy duty mounting
Crane bearing capacity up to 100 t
Heavy duty fork lifter up to 10 t capacity
Door size: 10 m width, 8 m height


Packaging of your goods is provided by our own specialist staff.


Computer based warehousing,
operated fully with own personnel

Heavy duty transportation

Transportation with our own fleet, short heavy duty transportation path to the river Rhine/vessel available

Project handling

Complete storing and commissioning possible.
Container stowage and packaging of any kind is possible.


Hövelmann for transportation is like the icing on the cake.

Highly competent and reliable partner. Fast response to our needs and flexible drivers. Easy to work with.

Approach and contact

Ferdinand Hövelmann Spedition GmbH
Albert-Einstein-Str. 20
46569 Hünxe – Bucholtwelmen

Tel. 0281 – 3002 7480
Fax. 0281 – 3002 7482